..... And the all-new K.Y.M. Equine

The UNC Pearl Line

Created exclusively for Johnny T-Shirt

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Calm, relaxing, beach.......

The Naval Academy Pearl Line

Created exclusively for the Alumni Association!  https://www.usna.com/shop

Patent Pending K.Y.M. Designs LLC 2017

US Non-Provisional / Serial No. 29/589,394

US Provisional Utility / Serial No. 62/440,841

 Horse lovers will appreciate the PATENT PENDING design of the Brow Band created exclusively at K.Y.M. Equine!  U.S. and E.U. Patents Pending since June 2017!

Calling All Brides! 

We have a fabulous selection of pearl and crystal jewelry for your entire bridal party, featuring Swarovski brand pearls and crystals.  K.Y.M. jewelry will  custom design for your special day, creating an instant heirloom.  What is so special about K.Y.M. bridal jewelry?  It will be worn long after you say, "I Do!"  
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